Buy from Royal Paper

From its humble roots in 1949, Royal Paper Products, Inc.
has grown into the leading supplier of over 1,000 disposable
products for the foodservice, hospitality and janitorial industries
and sells through a growing number of distributors, brokers
and a sales force throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Direct Container Program

With the introduction of the Royal Container Program, it is our pleasure to bring over 65 years of importing experience, manufacturing, quality control, inventory management, and logistical experience to your doorstep.

Trust a reliable brand with a proven record of success and allow us to develop a program that meets your needs.

Why a Royal container program?

• Factory direct pricing from multiple countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India
• The ability to manufacture products to stock specifications or customized to meet your requests
• Remain current with fluctuating market conditions – raw materials and freight
• Promote your brand – all items can be private labeled
• Quality control – pre-shipment inspections of product and packaging specifications

What you need to know?

• Container lead times are an average of 90 days from when orders are confirmed to when they
are delivered
• Royal will manage all logistics and importing processes required to deliver containers of product
to your location
• Customers will receive regular updates on the status of their order from the time it is received
to the time it is delivered
• Palletizing product in containers is available
• Product within containers may be consolidated by item groups

Ready to Purchase Containers?

Please contact your Royal representative today so we can start working for you! To get started we will need the following:
•  Delivery location
•  Item details and product categories of interest
•  Samples of current product
•  Programs and rebates if any to be included in our proposal